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Insider Tip: Rudy Maxa’s Tours

by | Jun 17, 2019 | European Destinations, Group Tour Vacations | 0 comments

Want to be your family’s superhero for a European vacation? Then get to know Rudy Maxa’s Tours! Rudy Maxa’s Tours are exceptional travel experiences in every way. Here are twelve reasons to consider Rudy Maxa’s Tours for your family’s European vacation. 

1) Rudy Maxa & his Expert Team
Rudy Maxa

Rudy Maxa ©Rudy Maxa’s Tours

Rudy Maxa’s Tours are all highly curated by Rudy himself. You may recognize the name Rudy Maxa from his long-running public radio appearances as the “Savvy Traveler;” his syndicated radio show, “RMWorld Travel with Rudy Maxa and Robert & Mary Carey;” or from his public television series’, “Rudy Maxa’s World” and “Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa” (now available on Amazon Prime), or from his frequent guest commentary on travel topics for CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and ABC television. Rudy has spent a lifetime traveling, uncovering the best hotels, dining, and experiences wherever he has gone.

Every element of your tour has been personally curated. He’s stayed at the hotel, eaten the food at the restaurants, and worked with all of the tour guides. For 2019, Rudy is personally accompanying all tours. While he won’t be able to personally accompany every tour all of the time as the number and variety of tours grows, he will still check in on many tours. And when Rudy can’t be there, he has built a team of highly-qualified local hosts at every destination to ensure a seamless and magical travel experience.

2) Personalization

Rudy Maxa’s Tours are group tours, but that doesn’t mean that your experience is generic. As soon as you book your tour, you will receive a call from the Rudy Maxa’s Tours Concierge Team to discuss your specific experience and preferences. Even within a group setting, you receive a customized experience.

3) Welcome Package

Each Rudy Maxa’s Tours booking includes a welcome package including luggage tags, detailed tour information, and a special gift and note from Rudy Maxa.

4) Airport Arrival Transfers

No need to worry about getting from your airport to the first hotel of your tour – your arrival transfer is included in your tour price.

5) Small Groups

Each Rudy Maxa Tour is limited to no more than 20 guests. Small groups help maintain the ability to deliver a highly personalized experience. Additionally, small groups mean that your tour can be more readily accommodated in the best restaurants and can enjoy more intimate tour experiences that involve small details that would be lost on large groups.

6) Choice of Activities

At most destinations, there are multiple options for you to choose from. If you would prefer something outside of what’s being offered, your Fantastic Memories Travel professional can help with other arrangements. If you’d prefer to explore on your own, the Rudy Maxa’s Tours expert team can help facilitate that too. It’s the best of both worlds – the security and value of group travel with a personalized experience.

7) Tours & Activities INCLUDED

All tours, admissions – even select evening entertainment like wold-class Opera performances, Flamenco shows, and classical music performances – are included in your tour cost. Wherever possible, the cost of any of the multiple options offered is already covered by your tour price. Exceptions do exist, for truly exceptional experiences. While it’s simply not possible to include the cost of certain private and/or exclusive experiences in the tour cost, Rudy Maxa’s Tours and your Fantastic Memories Travel professional can still work together to make them happen, within the context of your overall tour.

8) Upscale Hotels

Every hotel on your tour has been personally curated by Rudy Maxa and his team. Most destinations feature stays at 4 and 5-star luxury hotels. (Generally, if you’re NOT staying in at least a 4-star hotel, its simply a matter of such accommodations not being offered in the particular location you’re visiting).

9) ALL Meals Included

Many tour companies offer meals as part of the tour price. But Rudy Maxa’s Tours include ALL meals, including dinner each night, in the cost of your tour. Those dinners are a signature component of Rudy Maxa’s Tours, as each is specially chosen by Rudy Maxa and his team. If you’d prefer to dine on your own, your Rudy Maxa’s Tours Concierge Team can help you find the perfect restaurant choice to visit on your own. (Certain individual dining experiences may carry an additional cost. While Rudy Maxa’s Tours may be able to help secure a reservation for you at a Michelin-starred restaurant, for example, you will probably be responsible for the cost).

10) Luggage Butler Service

Land touring in Europe doesn’t HAVE to mean luggage hassles. Nor do you have to leave packed bags in the hallway the night before a departure, or lug your own bags to your room on arrival at the next hotel. The Rudy Maxa’s Tours Luggage Butler Service means you can leave your (packed) bags in your hotel room on that departure morning. You’ll find them waiting for your in your room at the next hotel destination. They do everything they can to take the “lug” out of luggage.

11) Luxury Transportation

NO TOUR BUSES!! Rudy Maxa’s Tours travel in small luxury vehicles. Smaller vehicles are generally more comfortable, and they can go places – particularly in Europe where streets are often quite narrow – that tour buses simply can’t access. Longer journeys utilize high-speed trains or air travel. And ALL transportation during your tour is included in the tour price.

12) Gratuities INCLUDED

NO EXTRA TIPPING!! Gratuities for your guides, restaurants, and tour staff are all taken care of as part of your tour cost. If you wish to recognize truly exceptional service, you may provide an additional tip via the Tour Director. Not only do the tour staff not expect tips, they’re prohibited from receiving them directly.

Rudy Maxa’s Tours aren’t for every traveler. They’re a luxury experience, and are priced accordingly. But even at a higher price, the breadth and depth of the tour inclusions and the exceptionally well-curated itineraries make them an outstanding value. Fantastic Memories Travel is proud to be the only Kansas City-based travel agency currently partnering with Rudy Maxa’s Tours, and we’d love to help you enjoy one of their incredible European Tours. Contact your Fantastic Memories Travel professional for tour dates, pricing, and availability.


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