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Colder Weather Recreation for the Whole Family

Just as there no one resort that is the perfect vacation for every family, no single vacation experience is the ideal choice for every family or for every vacation. Fantastic Memories Travel offers a range of colder-weather vacation options, at a range of prices, activity levels, and travel styles.

On the more relaxed end of the spectrum, you can enjoy a luxury train trip across Canada, in train cars designed to provide an all-encompassing view of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountain wilderness. Looking for a more active experience? We can help you make fantastic family memories in great ski destinations throughout the United States, from Vermont and New York on the East Coast, to the majestic American Rocky Mountains in Colorado, to Western resorts in Utah featuring easy access from Salt Lake City. If you’re looking for a grand experience, we can help you plan an all-inclusive European ski resort experience that can be surprisingly cost-competitive with a domestic ski resort.

As with all Fantastic Memories vacation experiences, each vacation is uniquely crafted to meet the specific interests, needs, and preferences of each family. These vacations feature lots of “moving parts,” and a Fantastic Memories Travel professional will take care of ensuring that those parts are work smoothly together, coordinating all of the details, so that you can relax and enjoy your family vacation.

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