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Fantastic Spring Break 2021

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas • March 14-21, 2021
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Make Fantastic family memories on Royal Caribbean’s freshly Amplified Oasis of the Seas. As soon as Oasis of the Seas returned to Florida with exciting new water slides, a new splash play area for younger children, glow-in-the-dark laser tag, a space-themed escape room, and great new restaurants and bars, we knew this was the ship for an amazing Spring Break escape, especially for Kansas City-area families. (All are welcome, but we scheduled the cruise to coincide with the planned 2021 Spring Break for most Greater Kansas City area schools).

Sailing away in








Available Stateroom Inventory:

  • Category 4V Inside: 4 ($785/person double occupancy. Up to 5 guests may be accommodated for an additional charge)
  • Category 2N Oceanview: 5 ($855/person double occupancy. Up to 5 guests may be accommodated for an additional charge)
  • Category 4D Oceanview Balcony: 7 ($1,107/person double occupancy. Up to 5 guests may be accommodated for an additional charge)

If you are interested in another category, or need accommodation for more than two guests in the stateroom,  send a request by Email to aaron@fantasticmemoriestravel.com. Additional inventory may be available, but different rates may apply.

[et_pb_kkttvtabs_ext admin_label=”Cruise Itinerary” show_titles=”on” use_hashchange=”off” use_border=”on” use_border_style=”solid” eq_tabs_height=”off” tab_controls_w=”off” _builder_version=”4.0.9″][et_pb_kktttab_ext title=”Day 1″ inc_mod=”off” use_icon=”off” icon_font_size_tablet=”96px” icon_font_size_phone=”96px” _builder_version=”4.0.9″ background_image=”https://fantasticmemoriestravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/andrea-leopardi-1150453-unsplash-Seattle.jpg” parallax=”on”]

March 14, 2021 – Embark from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

(Note: This is the basic outline of the itinerary right now. Additional items will be added to the itinerary as they become available).

[/et_pb_kktttab_ext][et_pb_kktttab_ext title=”Day 2″ inc_mod=”off” use_icon=”off” icon_font_size_tablet=”96px” icon_font_size_phone=”96px” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

March 15, 2021 – Cruising at Sea

[/et_pb_kktttab_ext][et_pb_kktttab_ext title=”Day 3″ inc_mod=”off” use_icon=”off” icon_font_size_tablet=”96px” icon_font_size_phone=”96px” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

March 16, 2021 – Port of Call at Cozumel, Mexico

[/et_pb_kktttab_ext][et_pb_kktttab_ext title=”Day 4″ inc_mod=”off” use_icon=”off” icon_font_size_tablet=”96px” icon_font_size_phone=”96px” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

March 17, 2021 – Port of Call at Roatan, Honduras

[/et_pb_kktttab_ext][et_pb_kktttab_ext title=”Day 5″ inc_mod=”off” use_icon=”off” icon_font_size_tablet=”96px” icon_font_size_phone=”96px” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

March 18, 2021 – Port of Call at Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico

[/et_pb_kktttab_ext][et_pb_kktttab_ext title=”Day 6″ inc_mod=”off” use_icon=”off” icon_font_size_tablet=”96px” icon_font_size_phone=”96px” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

March 19, 2021 – Cruising at Sea

[/et_pb_kktttab_ext][et_pb_kktttab_ext title=”Day 7″ inc_mod=”off” use_icon=”off” icon_font_size_tablet=”96px” icon_font_size_phone=”96px” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

March 20, 2021 – Perfect Day at Cococay, Bahamas

[/et_pb_kktttab_ext][et_pb_kktttab_ext title=”Day 8″ inc_mod=”off” use_icon=”off” icon_font_size_tablet=”96px” icon_font_size_phone=”96px” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

March 21, 2021 – Disembark at Fort Lauderdale, Florida

[/et_pb_kktttab_ext][/et_pb_kkttvtabs_ext][et_pb_kkaccordion use_hashchange=”off” admin_label=”Six Steps to a Fantastic Spring Break Cruise” _builder_version=”4.0.9″ z_index_tablet=”500″ body_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet=”0px” body_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet=”0px” body_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet=”1px” toggle_text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet=”0px” toggle_text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet=”0px” toggle_text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet=”1px” box_shadow_horizontal_tablet=”0px” box_shadow_vertical_tablet=”0px” box_shadow_blur_tablet=”40px” box_shadow_spread_tablet=”0px” text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet=”0px” text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet=”0px” text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet=”1px”][et_pb_kkaccordion_item title=”Step One: Use the link below to complete Group Registration” inc_mod=”off” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

The $25/person Group Participation Fee is Non-Refundable.

[/et_pb_kkaccordion_item][et_pb_kkaccordion_item title=”Step Two: Pay Your Group Participation Fee” inc_mod=”off” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

Your $25/person group participation fee will be collected when you submit your booking form via the link below.

All group participation fees collected for the Fantastic Spring Break Cruise 2021 will be donated to the Steps of Faith Foundation prior to our cruise departure.

[/et_pb_kkaccordion_item][et_pb_kkaccordion_item title=”Step Three: Join the Closed Facebook Group for our Cruise” inc_mod=”off” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

A private Facebook Group will be set up for our cruise participants as soon as the first three staterooms are booked. It’s a great way to interact with the other members of the group, participate in helping to shape the group experience, and get to know your fellow group cruisers a bit better.

[/et_pb_kkaccordion_item][et_pb_kkaccordion_item title=”Step Four – Begin Filling In the Details” inc_mod=”off” _builder_version=”4.0.9″]

Fantastic Memories Travel owner Aaron Rittmaster will help with individual details, and most services are available at no additional charge*. Cruising with a group doesn’t mean that you won’t get to make your own choices. There will be many opportunities to customize each aspect of your trip. Aaron can help you with additional onboard amenities (like drink packages, Internet service, etc.); flights; pre-cruise and/or post-cruise hotel accommodations; ground transfers; shore excursions and more!

Aaron will be working with our third-party cruise excursion partners to develop some private group tour experiences that will ONLY be available to people traveling with us!

*Service fees are charged for some non-commissionable travel arrangement services, including flight booking. Any service fees will be fully and explicitly disclosed prior to your commitment to use the service.

[/et_pb_kkaccordion_item][et_pb_kkaccordion_item title=”Step Five: Periodic Payments” inc_mod=”off” _builder_version=”4.0.9″ background_color_gradient_direction_tablet=”180deg” background_color_gradient_direction_phone=”180deg” background_color_gradient_start_position_tablet=”0%” background_color_gradient_start_position_phone=”0%” background_color_gradient_end_position_tablet=”100%” background_color_gradient_end_position_phone=”100%” hover_transition_duration_tablet=”300ms” hover_transition_duration_phone=”300ms” hover_transition_delay_tablet=”0ms” hover_transition_delay_phone=”0ms” box_shadow_horizontal_tablet=”0px” box_shadow_horizontal_phone=”0px” box_shadow_vertical_tablet=”0px” box_shadow_vertical_phone=”0px” box_shadow_blur_tablet=”40px” box_shadow_blur_phone=”40px” box_shadow_spread_tablet=”0px” box_shadow_spread_phone=”0px” text_shadow_horizontal_length_tablet=”0em” text_shadow_horizontal_length_phone=”0em” text_shadow_vertical_length_tablet=”0em” text_shadow_vertical_length_phone=”0em” text_shadow_blur_strength_tablet=”0em” text_shadow_blur_strength_phone=”0em”]

One of the great things about booking your Spring Break cruise well in advance is that you can spread out the cost over time. It’s like buying a vacation with no-interest financing. To make things easy, we’ve split your cruise fare into periodic payments, leading up to the final payment date of December 10, 2020. If you book your cruise under our group rates, your payments (not including the Group Participation Fee) are fully-refundable until December 10, 2020.

You will receive a personal invoice with your exact amounts due, but payments will be due on the following schedule:

  • Within 30 Days of Booking, or by March 10, 2020 (whichever comes first) – $500/stateroom deposit due
  • May 10, 2020 – 25% of Total Cruise Cost Due
  • July 10, 2020 – 50% of Total Cruise Cost Due
  • September 10, 2020 – 75% of Total Cruise Cost Due
  • December 10, 2020 – Final Payment in Full Due

You are always welcome to authorize payments for a greater amount than is due, or authorize payments earlier than required. (If you have a problem with a payment date, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll see what we can do to make accommodation for you).

[/et_pb_kkaccordion_item][et_pb_kkaccordion_item title=”Step Six: Bon Voyage! Have a FANTASTIC time on your 2021 Spring Break Cruise!” inc_mod=”off” _builder_version=”4.0.9″][/et_pb_kkaccordion_item][/et_pb_kkaccordion]

The booking form is hosted with our travel management platform, to ensure the highest levels of security for your personal information. Follow the link to complete the Group Participation form and pay the fee: Fantastic Spring Break 2021 Booking Form.

Preferred Excursion Partners

Project Expedition

Project ExpeditionProject Expedition is a newer player in the excursion market. They carefully vet each individual tour supplier, and offer only those that meet their extraordinary standards. Their unique Split Payments option makes them especially easy to work with for group excursions where participants are sharing expenses. Our travel professionals can help identify the perfect expedition for your traveling party, or you can explore Project Expedition’s offerings on your own.

Shore Excursions Group

Shore Excursions Group offers over 3,000 excursions at over 300 ports worldwide. Their prices are often as much as 40% lower than excursions booked through the cruise lines, and are almost always in smaller groups, resulting in a higher quality experience. Shore Excursions Group provides 24/7 support, a money-back guarantee, and guarantees that guests will return to their ship on time for departure to the next port. Our travel professionals can help you select the best options for your traveling party. But if you prefer, you can book these excursions yourself.

Explore Shore Excursions

Viator is the single largest vendor of tours and activities in the world, offering over 60,000 destination activity products. Fantastic Memories Travel professionals can help you leverage the size and reach of Viator to book skip the line tours, exclusive VIP experiences, and even the relaxation and comfort of limited-access airport lounges.

Travel Protection Partner

Fantastic Memories Travel strongly recommends the purchase of travel protection, especially for cruise travel. You will receive an important notification letter regarding travel protection when both your Group Participation Fee and your full cruise deposit has been paid.

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