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Travel Insurance Decision

I,   have full authority to make all decisions related to this trip on behalf of everyone who is traveling with me. I have been offered the opportunity to purchase travel insurance by a Fantastic Memories Travel, LLC travel professional. Pursuant to Paragraph 13 of the Fantastic Memories Travel Terms & Conditions, I understand that:

  • The purchase of travel insurance is strongly recommended, but is not required.
  • I may purchase third-party travel insurance offered to me by Fantastic Memories Travel;
  • I may purchase insurance offered by a travel vendor or supplier;
  • I may obtain travel insurance myself through some other source;
  • I may choose not to purchase travel insurance of any kind.

If I choose to travel without insurance, I hereby waive my rights to any claims against Fantastic Memories Travel, LLC, its agents and assigns, for any losses that may have been covered if I had purchased travel insurance.

On behalf of all travelers who are traveling on the August 4-11, 2025 Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas Mediterranean Cruise, under the following booking numbers:   

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