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Aaron Rittmaster

My mission is to help families make fantastic memories!

Hello! I’m Aaron.

Agency Founder and Owner

I started Fantastic Memories Travel in July, 2015 with the singular goal of providing families with vacation experiences perfectly tailored to their specific needs. I strive to meet that goal anew for each guest by listening carefully to each guest’s preferences and finding the best way to deliver that experience at the best possible value.

Once upon a time, travel agents were gatekeepers. A consumer used a travel agent because that was the only way to gain access to vacation experiences. In the Internet age, the role of the travel agent has transformed.

The Internet has flooded travelers with information about every destination and travel vendor imaginable. But in that vast sea of information, what is reliable? What is current? What is accurate? What is relevant to the seeking traveler’s particular needs? As a travel agent, I serve as a well-tuned filter. Armed with the information provided to me by a guest, my base of knowledge and experience, my relationships with travel vendors and suppliers that have been built and nurtured over time, I can ensure that the information being relied upon to plan a guest’s vacation is the right information.

"I gave him budget and the areas that we had considered traveling to and he came back with options for us to choose from. Aaron made the whole thing so easy and had very good advice and recommendations."

Laura P. – Adult couple and adult children (Caribbean Resort)

"Aaron was always available, And answered my MANY questions."

Julie A. – Couple w/Elementary-age child (Universal Orlando Resort)

"I think Aaron really did prepare us. We had no issues with surprises. This was the best vacation my wife and I have taken."

Phillip M. – Adult Couple (European River Cruise)

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