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Fantastic Memories Travel, LLC was founded in July 2015 by Aaron Rittmaster, after more than four years as an Independent Contractor agent for another travel agency. Fantastic Memories Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in family leisure travel.

At Fantastic Memories Travel, our mission is to provide each client with the opportunity to experience their IDEAL vacation, however the client defines ideal. There are no cookie-cutters at Fantastic Memories Travel. Each vacation is the product of an individualized interactive process between the client and their personal vacation planner – you’ll never play call-center roulette with Fantastic Memories Travel. The result is a vacation experience uniquely developed to meet the specific preferences and needs of each client.

We accomplish our mission with a commitment to three core behaviors:

You are the master of your vacation. We are committed to careful and attentive listening to the client’s explanation of his or her vacation preferences. Our travel professionals maintain a rigorous training regimen, with the primary purpose of enabling them to best match what they have learned with what they hear from their clients.
Fantastic Memories Travel professionals are committed to making themselves readily available to their clients. We make communicating with us as easy as possible, utilizing whatever means of communication are most convenient to the client. You will ALWAYS have at least a phone number and an Email address that you can use to reach your specific agent – and in most cases you will have other means of communication made available as well.
Fantastic Memories Travel professionals are committed to providing honest and reliable advice to our clients. Our ethical standards require that we put the best fit for the client above commission levels and supplier booking incentives. If you ever feel that you have been given advice or a recommendation that is based on anything other than your best interests, as you have explained them to your agent, please let us know by Emailing our Ethics Hotline: ethics@fantasticmemoriestravel.com

Fantastic Memories Travel, LLC is based in Overland Park, KS. Our offices are located at:
13004 Knox St.
Overland Park, KS  66213
Direct Phone Line: (913) 660-0513

Our offices are not open for drop-in clients. But we are happy to make arrangements to meet personally by appointment.

Fantastic Memories Travel contractor agents are located all around the United States. The Internet and modern telecommunications allow us to work with anyone, anywhere. But we love the opportunity to work with our neighbors – feel free to contact the agent closest to you directly if you prefer.

Aaron R.

(888) 426-6873 ext. 800 / aaron@fantasticmemoriestravel.com

Alexandra R.

David P.

(412) 654-5869 / david@themousemaster.com

Jennifer F.

Jessica C.

(888) 416-6873 ext. 807 / jessica.cruz@fantasticmemoriestravel.com

Josh W.

(888) 416-6873 ext. 804 / jwatters@fantasticmemoriestravel.com

Levi T.

(888) 416-6873 ext. 814 / levitignor@fantasticmemoriestravel.com

Lindsay D.

Matt W.

(888) 416-6873 ext. 808 / mattw@fantasticmemoriestravel.com

Paul E.

(813) 220-9586 / paul@tradersamstravel.com

Pat S.

(978) 804-1411 / pat@mousemastertravel.com

Sarah C.

Sarah H.

(888) 416-6873, ext. 810 / sarahhajjar@fantasticmemoriestravel.com

Tim H.

(888) 416-6873 ext. 807 / tim.hicks@fantasticmemoriestavel.com

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